3 Scrumptious Homemade Dog Treats Recipes

Home made dog treats are healthy and guaranteed to get your dog salivating. Since they consist of ingredients that are conducive to strength and endurance, it is one of the best moves in maintaining the health & fitness of your pet.

Homemade recipes tips are posted in so many places, they’re practically inescapable. The internet, dog magazines, cable channels and dog clubs have helped popularized homemade recipes as a healthy dietary alternative – in light of the numerous reports on heath complications caused by artificially processed dog treats. And dog owners are fully embracing the idea of going into the kitchen and cooking for their dog the same way they would for a human loved one. Needless to say, a human’s physiology differs from a canine’s, but, nowadays, there are homemade dog treat recipes fit for both humans & dogs alike.

Most dog owners will attest that cooking for their dog is a labor of love. And even though making homemade dog food is a great move, it’s not for everybody – as some may regard it as a chore. Luckily there are numerous ways to circumvent this, as there are chefs and pet food delivery services that are just a click or phone call away.

Homemade dog food recipes comes with many benefits. The natural ingredients can help alleviate any food allergies your dog may have. Homemade recipes include: apples, spinach, celery, carrots, fish and chicken. Since they’re naturally wholesome and can be prepared in scrumptious ways, your dog won’t hesitate to scarf down every bite – down to the last morsel. Most dog owners are partial to eggs, protein, cheese, yogurt, beans, rice and potatoes; as well as whole grain, fiber and vegetables. If you’re a vegetarian and you want your dog to follow suit, please remember that your dog needs protein to remain healthy; so make it a dietary requirement when planning your dog’s meals. And health-conscious meals don’t mean they have to be devoid of flavor; a healthy & flavorful diet will always give your dog a reason to look forward to the next meal.

Here’s a few dog treat recipes that you can easily whip up:

Peanut Butter Ice Treats


1 32 ounce cup of vanilla yogurt

1 cup of peanut butter


1. Microwave peanut-butter in a safe-dish until it’s melted.

2. Mix melted peanut-butter & yogurt in a bowl.

3. Take the mixture & pour into cupcake papers and freeze.

Beef Cookies


2 6 oz jars of beef & vegetable baby food

1 cup of wheat germ

2 cups of Non-fat dry milk


Pre-heat oven to 350. Take all ingredients & mix it up in a large bowl. Take small spoonfuls of the mixture & drop it onto a greased pan. If you wish, flatten them slightly or cut into more fun shapes like paws, bones, etc. Bake 12-15 minutes until it becomes brown around the edges. Let it sit until it cools. Store it in the fridge. Serve them to your pet & let them enjoy.

K-9 Carrot Cookies


2 cups of carrots (mashed or boiled)

2 eggs

2 tbsp garlic — minced

2 cups unbleached flour (or rice flour)

1 cup rolled oats

1/4 cup wheat germ


Combine garlic, carrots and eggs. Mix it until it’s smooth. Add remaining ingredients. Roll contents out on heavily floured surface. Cut them into shapes or bars. Set oven at 300 degrees for 45 minutes. As it cools, the centers will harden. To give it a glossy finish, brush it with egg white before you bake them.

The best move, when switching your dog over to homemade treats, is to do it slowly as possible. Always prepare the vegetables by baking or steaming them so they can keep their nutrients. And remember, like humans, dogs also require a certain amounts protein & fiber for health maintenance.

Truman Dawson is adept in canine health and nutrition, and likes to keep his pets healthy by using easy homemade dog treat recipes. He also enjoys reviewing chews for dogs.

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