Are Vitamin Supplements for Your Pregnant Dog Necessary?

Are vitamin and mineral supplements that necessary for your pregnant dog? Yes. Besides a balanced and healthy diet, pregnant dogs that are into their fourth week of pregnancy need more vitamins and minerals in their system. Also, a balanced di-calcium phosphate may be needed to be added into their diet as well.

“Where should I purchase these dog supplements?”

Di-calcium phosphate tablets and vitamin/mineral supplements can be obtained from most veterinarians or animal hospitals, and even some grocery stores. Health food stores are common to carry these types of animal supplements as well, so you should not have too many problems trying to locate some for your dog.

“What forms do these prenatal supplements come in?”

Just like what is supplied for humans, vitamins and minerals for prenatal dogs are sold in both powder and tablet forms. A lot of dog owners get bothered over choosing the right kind of supplements for their dogs, but it is an individual choice for you and your dog. Regardless if its form, the quality of both types of supplements is the same.

“How do I know what dosage of supplement to administer to my pregnant dog?”

You will find the correct supplement for your dog by looking at the labels of the supplements. The correct supplement for your pregnant dog will be stated clearly, and there are supplements for matrons as well as puppies. It is very important that you realize that prenatal dog supplements have gone through lab testing before they are approved to be marketed and sold in stores. There will also be specific instructions on the labels on how to give the supplements to your dog regarding the dosages or stages of pregnancy.

Your dog may not be used to swallowing tablets, or the tablet may be too big for a dog its size. What you can do is crush the tablet up into powder form and then putting it into your dog’s food for it to consume. If your dog has no problems with swallowing tablets, like my Chihuahua for instance, who swallows tablets easily when I place it at the back of his throat, you may want to choose that. But powder form supplements is also a good choice if that is what your dog is better at ingesting.

Charley Hwang

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  • Mama_MJ

    Any other vegetarians pregnant? Need info please?
    I just wanted to know if any of your other vegetarian ladies had to take any supplements or anything duruing your pregnancy. I dont eat tofu or beans but I’ve been diliberately eating milk and cheese or yogurt every day plus nuts to get some protein. I personally dont think we need the amount of protein the meat industry would have us believe we need – maybe even during pregnancy? On the nutrition list my doctor gave me, it doesnt even list meat in any of the vitamin categories except for iron – so that tells me its really not necessary. But I dont know, please tell me what you ate during your pregnancy if you are vegetarian.

    Thank you!!
    I do take a prenatal vitamin every day plus another one with extra Folic and DHA (sp?).

    I’ve only had 1 appt and totally forgot to mention it to them.

    I also find it HUMEROUS that people think eating meat is somehow healthy and good for you during pregnancy when that is so not the case.

  • How Is Babby Formed

    DEFINITELY take a pregnancy vitamin!

    a lack of iron can cause serious birth defects.
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  • Invisible Pink ~ RN

    Eat more Iron rich foods – this is ESSENTIAL for the baby’s red blood cell’s development!!
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  • :)

    Nothing wrong with being a vegetarian…don’t let other people bully you on this site. That being said…the baby needs to be priority number 1. So my question to you is : Why have you not seen a nutritionist yet. SInce vegetarians are in the minority, the normal guidlines your doc gives you not going to help. Take responsibility, make an appt with a nutritionist and stick to a diet that both you (and more importantly) your growing baby needs. Protein, calcium, folic acid and iron are essential for a growing fetus. Be smart. Get advice from someone who has went to school and researched this…not a bunch of dopes on yahooanswers. and CONGRATS!!!!!!!
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  • angie_laffin927

    You do need protein in pregnancy. But, there are a LOT of ways to get protein besides meat. For one thing, there are many things like Special K cereals, water, etc that are protein rich. I wouldn’t skimp on it, but you can do it without sacrificing your beliefs. Also, there are prenatal nutritional shakes (similar to Ensure) that provide a good source of protein and iron. I had one every day during both of my pregnancies. However, I do believe those have dairy products.
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  • Brittney

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 5 years, and Im 34 weeks pregnant.
    To be honest, I havent taken my prenatal in months. I just eat healthy, and my doctor said all my proteins are just where they should be:)
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