Chihuahua Behavior Around the Home

In Chihuahuas, as with all breeds, there is always some discrepancy between the expected and actual characteristics, but Chihuahua behavior is often fairly true to its stereotypes. They are vigorous, curious, stubborn and faithful animals with a sassy attitude. It is important for prospective owners to research the tendencies of the breed and carefully assess the dog’s behavior before adopting.

Extreme Devotion

Among the most popular parts of Chihuahua behavior is their extreme devotion. These animals are loyal to their masters and prefer their company over any others. This makes them ideal companions for people who live alone and can be a charming characteristic. It can also turn into a severe problem with some dogs. On occasion, this faithfulness is so strong that the Chihuahua will become extremely jealous of other people or animals that take up their master’s time. They may become aggressive towards what they see as potential threats to their status as the most important part of your life. They may also act out if they are not given enough attention, chewing, barking or getting into other trouble when ignored.

This devotion takes a similar form with other animals. Chihuahuas seem to have a particularly strong love for members of their own breed and a dislike of all others. It is not uncommon for Chihuahuas to behave anti socially towards other dogs, sometimes going so far as to attack them. Prospective Chihuahua owners should ensure that the new dog will get along with their other pets before making the final decision to adopt.

Most of this Chihuahua behavior is caused by a lack of early socialization. Chihuahuas that have been exposed to many people and dog breeds as puppies are significantly less likely to be hostile towards them when they are grown.

Headstrong Independents

It is undeniable that Chihuahuas are not easy to train. Their natural tendency is to place themselves at the top of the social hierarchy. If the decision is made to adopt, the entire household must make a commitment to discourage this thinking. Strict boundaries should be drawn in order to control Chihuahua behavior and remind it who the masters of the household actually are. This problem should be taken care of early on, as the longer a dog believes itself to be master, the harder it will be to convince it otherwise.

Curious and Active

These traits can be either positives or negatives, depending on the situation. Chihuahua behavior is generally vigorous and the dogs need ample stimulation in order to remain satisfied. People who work and must leave their dogs at home should take this into consideration, as a bored and lonely Chihuahua can quickly become disobedient and destructive. Taking measures such as hiring a dog sitting service or asking a friend to stop by in order to ensure that the Chihuahua is not alone for too long will help stop minor issues from developing into more serious problems.

Chihuahua behavior is rich with personality. No matter what you think of them, they are undeniable characters with ample rewards for anyone patient enough to deal with their issues.

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