How Mcuh Does a Chihuahua Cost for a Life Time?

i m planning to own a chihuahua but am not sure how much it will cost to live for about 15 years.

Question is unanswerable. Too many different things play into the what the final cost would be.

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  • natasha_cocker

    we have a dog for sale….email me at i will send you pics of him he is 6 month old registered and has his shots till he is 1,very cute email me
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  • Rand al’ Thor

    There is no way to truly calculate this. Dogs can be expensive especially if you have to take them to the vet. Are they worth the money though? Very much so.

    I love my Pit Bull like I would love a child.

    tharnpfef hit the nail on the head.
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  • tharnpfeffa

    The real question shoould be "Am I prepared and able to love and take good care of a pet for 15 years?"
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  • L0V3D

    That depends. Mine had really bad teeth, and so we had to get her a dental. Expensive. She aslo gets ceasures, so we have to buy her special foods. Expensive. Shes a teacup (4-5 pounds) so she gets cold easy, so we buy her jackets. Expensive. But a bigger, healthy Chuahua should cost just about as much as any other dog. They are cute in jackets and stuff, so you might want to get yours one of thoes anyways. Lol. Good luck!
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  • identitynumber7

    If the dog stays healthy it will cost about $12,000 spread out over 15 years. But if it’s not healthy that could increase very quickly.
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  • FaZizzle

    Let’s say you get a steal–$150 for your precious dog you name Ginger

    Ginger needs flea/tick meds: budget $100/year
    Food: budget $300/year
    Vet service: Budget around $150/year
    Spay: $200 (once)
    Boarding (if you don’t take her with you): $20/day

    For flea tick: $1500
    Food: $4500
    Vet: $2300
    Spay: 200
    Board: $1200 (based on a small 4-day vacation every year)
    Initial cost: $150

    That’s over $10,000, and that’s not counting on any emergencies.
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  • marilynn

    Question is unanswerable. Too many different things play into the what the final cost would be.
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  • Alyssa J

    $10,000-$20,000 or more, depending on various health issues and whether you use premium foods or supermarket foods.
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  • Stalkers_Love_Me

    If cost is a concern before you even have the dog, then it’s probably going to be too much.

    There is no way to accurately tell you what a dog will cost. I can tell you that for our toy dog, we spend around $1000 a year. At 2 and a half years old, she’s already had a $1000 vet bill due to a leg break (a fairly common injury in toy breed – which includes chihuahuas) and numerous $100+ vet bills. She’s now due for a teeth cleaning and vaccines and that will be at least several hundred dollars more.

    Her food costs us roughly $30 a month, and possibly more. She’s on joint vitamins to help her knees stay healthy. That’s another $15 a month (roughly). Toys, leashes, treats, routine vet visits, and other incidentals make up the rest.

    As she ages, if she develops any medical conditions, it could easily be another $50 a month for medications plus additional vet visits. Yes, insurance can help reduce those costs of aging, but it doesn’t eliminate them and insurance still costs money.

    I can give a rough estimate of $10K-$15K for a 15 year life span. That’s assuming that the dog is fairly healthy for the first 5 years and that there aren’t any major surgeries needs as the dog ages. I had a cat who had a total of $5000 in surgeries in the last few years of his life and $50 in vet bills every month or two, so there is just no way to tell.

    If you decide to go ahead, be sure to rescue or to buy from a resopnsible breeder. Chis are so popular right now that disreputable ‘breeders’ breed them out of greed. They pay no attention to the health, genetics, or temperament of the dogs. All they care about is cold hard cash. Avoid newspaper ads, internet ads, puppy find websites, pet shops, and shady breeders. The more time you take in investigating the breed and breeder, the less time you may spend at the vet.
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  • doggzma

    What does it cost? Your heart.
    Okay, seriously. I have 2 dogs, one of which is a Chi. For the both of them it is about $3000 per year, so maybe $1000 per year for a Chi. This includes licensing, vet bills, shots, high quality dog food, dental, supplements. Does not include spay/neuter or microchipping, or medical emergencies. If you go through a Rescue, speutering and chipping is included in the cost of the adoption fee.
    Rescue a Chi, save a life.
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  • crazyforboxers
  • hunter

    There is no set price anyone can give you cause their is shots when they are puppies that they have to have and then they have to go to the vet once a year for booster and rabies shots and then you always have to plan to take them to the vet when unexpected illness araise, food, grooming, and then there is training classes if you plan on taking the pup for professional training, so yes im going to be honest dogs can be very expensive but they are very worth the cost that you have to put in them cause they are a part of your family it is like having a child that has to be trained and taken care of,,, i hope this has helped and good luck if you decide on getting your new pup they are so wonderful to have,,, but please think about if you can afford a dog before you get it cause if you cant then it will end up in a animal shelter and that is not a good thing
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