How You Can Recognize a Deer Chihuahua

There maybe kennel associations that do not see fit to recognize some variants of the Chihuahua. Still, that rule, which may be taken to apply to qualifications for dog shows, does not mean no types of Chihuahuas exist – just ask Chihuahua breeders, they will tell you sub-types exists. There are, these breeders will tell you, differences among Chihuahuas, and these include the Teacup, Apple Head, and Deer Chihuahua.

The variants, or at least the names for them, are already acknowledged by pet breeders; so if there are differences within this breed that kennel associations, for their own reasons, do not acknowledge, it’s not a problem for the rest of us. Let this short article show you how you can distinguish a Deer Head Chihuahua from other Chihuahua variants, so you can be better informed should you want to buy a pup of that breed, or adopt one.

Deer Chihuahuas are bigger than most Chihuahuas

This is most likely the largest Chihuahua variant there is. The males reach up to twelve inches standing, with females reaching ten to twelve inches. This breed can reach weights up to twenty pounds and live as long as twenty years – that’s a long time. As with all Chihuahuas, this one has its own share of health problems, so the need to be a responsible pet owner needs to be emphasized when adopting or buying a Deer Chihuahua.

Look at the head and the snout – key features of a Deer Chihuahua

The Deer Chihuahua head is “clean,” and has a long muzzle, longer than other kinds of the same breed. Some people have noticed that a Deer Chihuahua’s snout resemble that of a terrier’s. Some Deer Chihuahuas retain a “bobble head” appearance.

The possessiveness of a Chihuahua

Every Chihuahua is reported to have a personality that’s completely loyal, very protective, and highly possessive of its owner. A Deer Chihuahua is nothing like that, nothing like that at all; they are social, and they can share their owners lap with other pets, and they’re good around kids. Stereotypes can go too far, sometimes.

Deer Chihuahua – yours maybe the closest type to the original

Should you own a Deer Chihuahua and hear about others saying yours is but a lowly cross-breed distanced from the genuine bloodline, that’s not true. Deer Chihuahuas are actually closer to the original bloodline compared to the rest, some of which have been bred small runt with small runt just to produce show dogs.

Deer Chihuahuas – you might be surprised to know they are good with children

With this dog being a popular breed, there are always stories being spread about, until people form stereotypes about this dog. For example, you’ll probably read about this tip – that homes with children and other pets are not good for Chihuahuas. The highly irritable, easy to snap, aggressive, possessive Chihuahua is often the result, they say, of this breed’s inherent dislike of children, and other pets not of the same breed and species. The exception to this is the Deer Chihuahuas, which are agreeable with children and other pets. Stereotypes can be misleading, don’t be fooled by this.

Some small dog enthusiasts want an Apple Head Chihuahua and others a Deer Chihuahua. Though they differ in some physical features, perhaps there’s also a difference in temperament between them. Regardless of the particular variant of a Chihuahua you get, you can be sure that the Deer Head Chihuahua that comes into your life is going to be a loyal and loving companion.

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