The Apple-Head Chihuahua

If you have decided to open your heart and home to a little Chihuahua and you have begun the researching phase of making your wish a reality you have probably encountered some terms that have left you a little confused or even bewildered.  One such term is the Apple-head Chihuahua.  If you have wondering what apples and Chihuahuas have to do with each other rest assured that the term is merely descriptive.

The term Apple-head Chihuahua actually describes or refers to the shape of the head of the puppy.  If the dome of the skull is broader than the jaw of the puppy, it is called an Apple-head variety.  The term also takes into account that the top of the puppy’s head has a small depression that is similar to the soft spot on the head of a human baby.  For the technical buffs, this depression is called a molera.

Some people have questioned whether the depression is a negative occurrence and should be considered as a demerit when it comes to the assessment of the puppy’s lineage.  Nowadays people have come to the conclusion that it really has absolutely no bearing on the puppy’s pedigree whether they have the depression or not.  It is essential that this be remembered when you are looking for a puppy to adopt or buy.

According to the American Kennel Club the standard of the Chihuahua, whether of the longhaired or shorthaired variety, is the same.  Under the category of the head shape, the American Kennel Club holds that the skull have a well rounded ‘apple dome’ shape and the molera, the depression that is sometimes there, is neither necessary nor a problem if it is not present in the puppy as it is not an indication of the puppy’s lineage and pedigree.

If you would like the Apple head shape to remain it is important to note that the shape will diminish and even disappear if the dog is over fed.  There is a tendency among Chihuahuas to become overweight and so proper and correct nutrition is key to the overall health of the dog.  This is the same no matter what dog breed you choose.  Obesity is the cause of many health issues in dogs just as it is among human beings.  The American Kennel Club holds the Chihuahua’s ideal weight at around six pounds.

The Apple head Chihuahua is popular among many people and if you have chosen to own one you will want to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the little one, taking care to protect it because it is so small.  Chihuahuas are little dogs with big personalities and will not hesitate to approach a larger dog to say hello.  This can and does end badly for the little one if nobody is there to protect them.

Irrespective of what Chihuahua type you finally decide on you will need to do the research that is called for to ensure that your little Apple head Chihuahua has the best possible life.

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