The Deer Head Chihuahua

When it comes to loads of personality, devotion and even protectiveness, the little Chihuahua has it all.  Despite being so tiny they have characters that are enormous and anyone who has any experience with them will tell you that they are delightful little dogs to own provided that you have done your homework and know exactly what you are getting yourself into.  Do not be mistaken into thinking that this is unique to Chihuahuas because it is not.  It does not matter what breed of dog you choose.  The same research into the breed’s character traits, health issues and personality is necessary if you want to prevent unnecessary hassle and bother further down the line.

Chihuahuas are either Apple Headed or Deer Headed and can be found with long fur or short fur, the choice is yours.   Both share the same characteristics being curious and even rather comical at times.  This is probably due to their tiny stature and their oversized natures.

If you have heard or come across the terms ‘Apple-Head’ and ‘Deer-Head’ while doing research into the Chihuahua breed you might be excused if you are feeling somewhat confused and bewildered as to what these terms may mean, and whether they are part of the requirements when it comes to the acceptable standards of the breed.

According to the AMC (American Kennel Club) the standard for the Chihuahua is that it should be almost square in its appearance.  When it comes to the females, however, the standard does allow for a slightly longer body.  This is because of reproduction purposes though.  The AMC considers the shape of the dog’s skull to be very important and the Apple-head is the shape that is necessary should you wish to show your dog or breed dogs that are registered as purebred Chihuahuas.

Essentially the two terms describe the shape of the skull and Deer-Head refers to the slightly elongated shape in comparison with the Apple-Head but if this is the case then the Chihuahua does not meet the standards.

If someone is offering Deer-Head Chihuahuas as a standard all its own they are being misleading because this is not a requirement either for the AMC or for other organizations like it.  Basically the Chihuahua comes in two types, which is either the longhaired variety or the shorthaired variety.  Whether you choose the one or the other the standard for the shape of the skull remains the same.

The head should have a rounded ‘apple dome’ shape with narrow cheeks and jaws.  The muzzle or snout should be fairly short with a pronounced point and stop.  The eyes of the Chihuahua should be large, round, set well apart, and not protrusive.  All in the entire standard is specific and it would be wise to know what that standard is before you choose the puppy for you.

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